Concept & Art Direction, Booth Design, Production, Visual Merchandising
Basha Market 2023 - Tunjungan Plaza 3
Interior Designer - Melissa Ardani

The Lador Hair Kiosk has undergone a remarkable transformation, doubling its previous size to an expansive 24 sqm. The convergence of two 9 sqm spaces has birthed an entirely new and spacious Lador Hair Kiosk. Through meticulous reconfiguration and innovative redesign, the space is ow fresh and revitalized.

The facade features a metal mesh wall that artfully conceals the cashier table. It. Positioned at the center of the booth stands the striking Lador Cart – a visual anchor that proudly showcases Lador’s star products. It is accompanied by several pedestals that gracefully display the latest additions to the Lador product collection.

To the right, the space is dedicated for the Hair Scalp Area, a place where visitors have the opportunity to engage in personalized consultations and scalp health assessments. The back of the kiosk is adorned with strategically placed display racks, meticulously arranged to exhibit the diverse range of Lador Products.

The layout is thoughtfully designed to ensure optimal flow visitors. By distributing the crowd across each section, an engaging and dynamic atmosphere is achieved.