Concept, Booth Design, Production, Visual Merchandising
Social Chic 2023 - GBK
Interior Designer - Melissa Ardani

For this event, the booth brings about the same “Hair-kiosk” concept, but with a different approach and a little twist. Previously participating an exhibition for baby products, the booth design had a more elegant approach. This time around Lador is participating a youth social event, so the booth is designed to look more playful.

For the facade, the booth takes on the charm of a Parisian kiosk, fashioning it with a primary material of metal mesh adorned with gentle LED strips for illumination.

To accentuate the kiosk-like feel, the facade is decorated with captivating graphics that echo the brand's visual identity. Turning the attention to the product display, the items are placed on pedestals, each varying in height, paired with photo campaign frames for a touch of artistic flair. And moving on to the back of the booth, a meticulously designed rack display with an attached Lador hashtag can be seen. It is crafted with metal mesh and accentuated by illuminated lines, dedicated space to highlight Lador’s special offerings.