Concept & Art Direction, Production, Visual Merchandising
Basha Market 2023 - Tunjungan Plaza 3
Interior Designer - Melissa Ardani

"Simple but Significant”. This tagline can be perceived in every collection launched by DUMA. It is fitting for the booth to adopt a similar concept, embracing simplicity while still being significant. The main challenge of this project is to create a layout that accommodates all the enthusiastic DUMA customers – those exploring the collection and those queuing for payment. To address this, the layout incorporates a spacious entrance and exit to maintain a good circulation within the booth.

Regarding the design, a wooden texture is selected as the primary material for the facade, infusing the space with warmth and elegance. Moreover, a large mirror is strategically positioned to create an illusion of widened space as well as allowing customers to use when trying on DUMA’s items. The clothes display is designed with a minimalist approach that is built using stainless steel materials. This choice aims to give a distinctive appearance while effectively presenting all DUMA clothing items. Warm hues color the floor and walls, accentuated by a touch of mint blue tp the cashier's table to introduce a subtle variation and prevent monotony.