Concept & Art Direction, Interior Design, Production, Visual Merchandising
Basha Market 2022 - Tunjungan Plaza 3
Interior Designer: Melissa Ardani

Syca is an Indonesian local skincare brand that has a distinctive brand image. They invite everyone to embrace every woman's natural beauty. Our latest venture involved crafting a booth that embodies simplicity, casualness, and modernity, seamlessly encapsulating Syca's core values.

In this project, the main focus lies on the shapes of the furniture and the product display. We embarked on a creative journey, playing around sleek silhouettes, shades of pink, and a bespoke makeup display to achieve a look that mirrors the essence of Syca – effortlessly elegant and modern.

Dive into the details of the island display table, and you'll discover a design crafted to harmonize form and function. It's more than a table; it accomodates all the Syca SKU while doubling as a try-on station. When it comes to product display, attention to detail is key. All testers of Syca’s product lineup are carefully arranged on the table with every product category placed on an acrylic display. Each acrylic display is meticulously measured to perfectly fit each makeup product. They also have a dedicated feature for description papers and price tags which can be easily switched in and out.