Concept & Art Direction, Interior Design, Production, Visual Merchandising
Medan x Beauty 2022 - Convention Hall Hotel Santika Medan
Interior Designer: Melissa Ardani

Welcome to Everyday Mail Room. Syca’s tagline #EverydayWithSyca ignites a distant memory from the past of people checking their mailbox every morning. From this memory, popped an idea of creating a mail room that stores day-to-day makeup products.

Keeping the Mail Room concept in mind, the product shelves designs takes shape to that of a mailbox. The booth also boasts a postcard holder and signage to make the overall design more thematic. Shades of pink can be seen in every nook and cranny of the space accompanied with sleek silhouettes to reflect the brand’s personality.

So, here’s Syca’s Everyday Mailroom 101: First, check your Mailbox to find many of your everyday makeup items. Second, don't forget to pick up your everyday newsletter. Last but not least, before you go, try the product!