Concept & Art Direction, Production, Visual Merchandising
Mommy & Me 2023 - JCC
Interior Designer - Melissa Ardani

Each year, Lador embraces a fresh theme, and this time, the spotlight is on "SemuaBisaPakaiLador" – a theme that carries a message of inclusivity, reaching out to everyone regardless of age or profession that they all can use Lador. The theme resonates with a youthful, friendly, and sophisticated vibe. Throughout the brainstorming process, the aim in mind is to look for a concept that is universally relatable – an everyday experience that all generations, both young and old, would be familiar with. And thus, the idea of a "hair-kiosk" emerged, inspired by the grocery store or kiosk where everyone frequently visits.
Modest and friendly design that welcomes guests to experience the brand.

The booth is designed to resemble a kiosk where diverse hair solutions are discovered. The signature pastel blue hues envelop the space, radiating warmth and welcome. The facade boasts a Parisian kiosk canopy, attached with a signage. A well-considered approach extends to the display. To complement with Lador's extensive product range, each having a different color, a monochrome color scheme is selected for the rack display. The simplicity of the design doesn't just exude sophistication; it offers let’s Lador's diverse products shine.

Midway through the booth stands a cart – the client's special request to have something that can be reused for future mini exhibitions or pop-up booths. The cart is designed with a half circle as the main shape displaying some graphic designs. Another functional feature is added to the card with available storage area on the back of the cart.