Holika Holika

Concept & Art Direction, Interior Design, Production, Visual Merchandising
Beauty Fest Asia 2023 - Ritz Carlton Pacific Place
Interior Designer: Melissa Ardani

An unexpected idea led to envisioning a playground concept where a specific group of people gather and have fun. The concept is then named "Beauty-ground," stems from the joy and delight when when women gather to shop for makeup. It's a haven where Holika-Holika fans can indulge themselves in a complete makeup shopping adventure, surrounded by modern and enjoyable vibes.

Breathing life into the Beauty-ground concept, a direction marked by geometry, modernity, warmth, and playfulness was taken. The booth's base takes shape with geometric forms, adorned with a pplayful twist of color block variations on every furniture facet. Our color palette consists of three tones: Holika-Holika's signature purple, complemented by light purple and white. The booth's island layout ensures openness from all sides, facilitated by a prominent, signage that is visible from every angle. The signage is substantial in size and serves as the centerpiece of the booth.

The display racks is designed for two areas: the makeup are and the skincare area. The makeup display is positioned at the center of the booth. It features a modular wavy display for makeup products such as eyeliner and lip products and provides flexibility to accommodate various product arrangements based on packaging similarities. The display also integrates a leveling system for price tags and products like compact powders or eye shadows. Illuminated mirrors with softly curved edges cast a captivating radiance, elevating the ambiance.

Transitioning to skincare, the modular table mirrors the design motif with color block embellishments on all sides. An ode to both aesthetics and practicality, it doubles as a display and storage unit. Meanwhile, the cashier is designed to hold a a greater number of products. Positioned outward-facing, it ensures fluid circulation, ensuring uninterrupted exploration for visitors.

Embracing adaptability, each piece is designed as sepparated and modular pieces, allowing easy rearrangement to suit different booth sizes. This flexibility ensures that the Beauty-ground conceppt can adap seamlessly while maintaining its istinctive geometric, modern, welcoming and playful appeal. Whether the space is expansive or intimate, the modular approach optimizes the use of the available area to create an immersive experience for visitors.