Concept & Art Direction, Interior Design & Production.
Market Museum 2023 - Lippo Mall Kemang Jakarta
Interior Designer - Melissa Ardani

Amazara's heels and shoes have earned their spotlight not just for their comfort, but also for the vibrant array of colors they offer. The diversity of hues is indeed one of the reasons why their shoes are attractive.

Recognizing the allure of their colorful collection, the concept "Amazara's Spectrum” is crafted. It's all about celebrating the diversity of Amazara's collections, spanning across colors, styles, and types. This concept reflects the core value of diversity, achieved through a splash of bold, popping colors. The keywords that are kept in mind throughout the processs are modern, bold, trendy, and contrast.
Modest and friendly design that welcomes guests to experience the brand.

Since the goal is to put the spotlight on the products themselves, the Display Racks are designed to be modular that can be used both as one-sided and two-sided units. What makes these racks unique is the display of shoes that gives an illusion of floating in the air. To achieve this look, the racks are primarily made from clear acrylic and is well lit with light strips on every row which removes any shadow. It is also equipped with wheels, so these racks can be used as a stand-alone display.

Moving to the booth's backdrop, mirrors are installed to amplify the sense of space. A multifunctional table that functions as the cashier station can also be seen in that area. Throughout the booth, the light pink signature color of Amazara contrasts with the crisp white, creating a harmonious contrast complements the showcased shoes.