Bababoo Home & Ondoot

Concept, Booth Design, Visual Merchandising, Installation, Production
Willow Baby Expo - Convention Hall Grand City
Interior Designer - Melissa Ardani

Bababoo & Ondoot bring aesthetic elements into every home. Their products are not only visually pleasing but also functional and highly practical. The booth is designed with a concept called 'Smart Sweet Home' to showcase their innovative products while creating a warm and inviting ambiance. The booth incorporates their signature green and cream colors, along with wood textures, to engage and welcome visitors and add a touch of Japandi-inspired design

The booth establishes an area that resembles a kitchen set, but with a unique aesthetic twist, evoking a feeling of being at home upon entering. This kitchen set includes a table display and a hanging rack to showcase all of Bababoo and Ondoot's products. In addition, a spacious island table is provided for customers to try out the product functionalities, and each table includes storage for stock.

A special corner is also dedicated to displaying clothing, allowing customers to try out Ondoot's best-selling product, the handy steamer. A white shirt is elegantly hung next to the handy steamer, providing a convenient setup for sales demonstrations. This area is designed with wood line accents as the main feature, adding depth and warmth to the overall booth design,