Eversummer Skin

Concept, Booth Design, Visual Merchandising, Installation, Production
AtNess Well - Astha District 7
Interior Designer - Melissa Ardani

What comes to mind when summer is coming? Always imagining summer as a time for jumping into a pool. That's why this booth is designed with a concept of a Summer Poolside. Using the signature rectangle tiles that remind of classic pools, the ever-summer brand palette is combined, with yellow as the dominant color and blue for the furniture. Additionally, a display rack with a pool theme is desired, drawing inspiration from pool ladders to design the display racks. And here we are, ready to have a good time at the summer poolside!

To make the concept more thematic, the table display was designed with great attention to detail. The tabletop is crafted from clear acrylic, and inside the table, a lighting strip is installed along with some plastic balls to resemble a pool. The overall effect aimed for was to give the visual impression that the skincare packaging was floating in the pool

"And here, the pool ladder serves as the rack display. The racks are designed with clear acrylic to maintain the appearance of a pool ladder, still resembling the original one. Additionally, LED strips are incorporated on every line to emphasize the products."