Ayyara x Bramanta Wijaya Sposa

Concept, Booth Design, Visual Merchandising
Bridestory 2023 - City Hall PIM 3
Interior Designer - Melissa Ardani

A booth designed to showcase the two distinct brands: Ayyara, a jewelry brand specializing in intimate weddings, and Bramanta Wijaya Sposa, an exquisite wedding dress label. Drawing inspiration from these two brands, four keywords that aptly capture their essence are found: Radiance, Timelessness, Serenity, and Elegance. With these guiding principles in mind, the concept of a "Gem Sanctuary" is created. This concept aims to welcome customers into a serene and welcoming ambiance where they can explore and acquire exquisite gems, spanning from jewelry to bridal gowns. The "Gem Sanctuary" concept is meticulously designed to create a sense of solace, offering a sanctuary amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life.
Radiance, Timelessness, Serenity, and Elegance

In terms of layout, the booth consists of two distinct zones, each dedicated to one brand: Ayyara on the left, and Bramanta Wijaya Sposa on the right. However, the design narrative seamlessly unifies the two brands into a harmonious whole. Within the Bramanta Wijaya Sposa section, an array of pedestals of varying heights showcase their impeccable gowns and creating designated areas for client interactions. On the Ayyara side, an inviting island table takes prominence, complemented by two understated tables as display for handcrafted jewelry, such as headpieces and bangles, as well as a distinctive geometric table to showcase the brand’s exquisite wedding rings. Furthermore, wall-mounted racks are installed to elegantly display various jewelry pieces, alongside a mirror that invites customers to try on these items.

At the heart of this booth's design is the captivating use of geometric forms, one of them being the 3D Geometric wall. The color palette of white, cream, gold, and wood is chosen to create a sense of sophistication. The infusion of geometric patterns into both the structural elements and the furnishings create more visual depth and intricacy, all while maintaining a cohesive texture scheme. Presence of gold racks adds an element of lavishness, effortlessly marrying luxury with simplicity. Finally, the choice of a wooden-textured flooring serves to infuse warmth into the space, and create balance between the striking white walls and the opulent gold accents.