Concept & Art Direction, Interior Design, Production, Visual Merchandising
USS Wondherland 2023 - City Hall PIM 3
Interior Designer: Melissa Ardani

Ecinos is a rising Indonesian Fashion Local Brand renowned for its distinct style that consistently presents its futuristic, edgy, and minimalist designs, all designed in their signature monochrome color palette. The task at hand is to mirror their strong fashion style through the booth design, that encapsulates the essence of "edgy" and "experimental". Beyond this, the main focus is to ensure that the best use of the layout while creating a clean and tidy facade when viewed head-on. Given Ecinos' extensive range of products and color variations, the primary objective revolves around product prominence, achieved by an arrangement based on color coordination, effectively spotlighting them as the star of the store.

The dominant color scheme selected for the booth orbits around shades of grey, silver, and black, acceentuated with a shade of green. To achieve an edgy and experimental look, aluminum is used as the main material for the walls, harmonized with silver clothing racks, black flooring and polycarbonate wall as the booth’s facade. The touch of green moss is introduced to give a cozy and inviting atmosphere which perfectly counterbalances the futuristic energy exuded by the overall design.

Attention to detail holds a pivotal role, beginning with Ecinos' signage. This signage holds a huge impact in adding a layer of edginess, uniqueness, and futuristic charm to the booth. It is designed withedgy shapes and colors, creating a distinct twist and depth to the design. Moreover, the lighting structure is thoughtfully crafted with gray geometric accents to elevate the overall look beyond ordinary.