Concept & Art Direction, Production, Visual Merchandising
Basha Market 2023 - Tunjungan Plaza 3
Interior Designer - Melissa Ardani

Maven has never settled for ordinary. To create a booth that sets them apart from other fashion brands, a Grid’s concept which introduces the unity of Experimentation, Cubism and Modernity is used in the design. The booth spotlights a dynamic grid structure as the central element of the space. Drawing inspiration from the grandeur architecture of temples, grid patterns that resemble pillar formations are incorporated. This formation does not only act as the booth’s design element; it also doubles as the artful clothes racks that adapt effortlessly to every booth size.
Modest and friendly design that welcomes guests to experience the brand.

The versatile grid layout here is designed to be adaptable to different booth's dimensions. Textured surfaces on walls gives depth, adding intrigue to every glance. The design harmonizes Maven's iconic green with understated neutrals and sleek metallics. Looking around, you’ll see touches of green on selected furniture pieces like the cashier table, the bench. The main pillars, the booth's facade – all embrace the futuristic sheen of metallic materials.

A palette of neutrals to the facade pillars and walls maintains visual harmony and balance within the booth in order to avoid visual chaos when displaying Maven’s colorful collection. Illumination plays its part too in creating visual balance. A neutral lighting scheme is installed to ensure the booth’s ambiance remain warm and inviting. Noteworthy is the entrance and exit that have been strategically designed to have the products be easily seen even from afar and to maintain efficient circulation throughout the booth.