Dr. Soap

Concept & Art Direction, Interior Design, Production, Visual Merchandising
Jakarta x Beauty 2022 - Jakarta Convention Center
Interior Designer - Melissa Ardani

At the heart of this booth lies the captivating concept of the "Open Laboratory”, inspired by the inviting spirit of an "Open Kitchen." Just as a kitchen, the brand lets people witness the whole process, offering transparency to its customers. However, unlike the cold and clinical scientific labs that you might imagine, the booth is designed to be welcoming and earthly. Playing around with textured white walls, sleek metals, and a flourishing touch of greenery enhances the overall atmosphere of the booth. The white textured wall adds a layer of depth to every corner of the booth. A nod to a typical laboratory, the metal acts as an accent material, infusing a sense of innovation. And then there are the plants. They infuse a natural and earthly tone to the design, turning this booth into an environment that invites visitors to come explore and experience.

"Panic Button Game” Heavily inspired from a lab specimen refrigerator, an interactive element to the booth is designed consisting of shelves that display highlighted products from Dr. Soap. These shelves has a fun twist. Press the button, and the light on every shelf will light up alternately. Give the button another press, and the lights freeze on one shelf which the customer will bring home the product as prize.

Table Display Dr Soap have an array of products that is ever-growing. Putting this in mind, the table display is created to be versatile enough to be able to showcase Dr. Soap’s both current and upcoming line of products. To accomodate this need, the table is crafted with adjustable dividers allowing creativity for the team to display every product of Dr Soap. Furthermore, the display has a unique design by making it oblique in order for visitors to effortlessly see and reach the product labels.