Dr. Soap

Concept & Art Direction, Production, Visual Merchandising
Eid Mubarak 2023 - Dr. Soap Flagship Store Senayan City
Lead Designer - Melissa Ardani | Graphic Designer - Amelia Lim

This conceptual display takes on the concept of “Bloom at Every Moment”. During Ramadan, each moment becomes an opportunity for love and joy to bloom in their most beautiful forms. It is the perfect time to enjoy the present and experience joy to the fullest in the company of your loved ones. The aim of this display and its visuals is to bring festive, fun, bold, and colorful vibes. Flowers serve as symbols and key visuals for this concept, accompanied by illustrations of dancing people to capture the essence of joy and celebration. Furthermore, the entire visual display incorporates contrasting colors from Dr. Soap’s color palette.

Blooming flowers are used as the main key visual of the concept. Different types of flowers are incorporated to ensure that these floral elements do not dominate the display but instead enhance its beauty. Small flowers can be seen scattered throughout the product display. The goal is for customers to experience the festive atmosphere.

In designing the VM, the tagline "Month of Joy" has been incorporated to complement the overall design idea. This tagline aims to describe the feelings that emerge as Ramadan approaches and encourages individuals to set aside their troubles and embrace the joy of the celebration. The VM has been designed with festive, playful, and colourful design elements which contrasts the existing store, making it the center of attention for the entire month.