Concept & Styling
Photo Campaign for Aussen - Orasis Art Space
Photography : Near by The River | Concept & Styling : Melissa Ardani & Near by The River Team (Effie Sinarso & Patrick)

"Aussen," the brand synonymous with timeless furniture, boasting quality and durability. Their products flaunt simple designs, yet they have a playful touch of lines, curves, and materials. To capture the beautiful forms of Aussen, two captivating concepts come into play for their editorial photoshoot.

The first concept carries on an air of simplicity but with a twist of quirkiness. The materials step up as props, leaving a trail of intrigue at every single frame.

As for the second concept, it's a nod to their brand philosophy. Imagine bringing comfort to the great outdoors. In this photoshoot, the furnitures of Aussen stand tall in the outdoors while charming you with the warmth and comfort of a home.