twotenses is an interior studio that delivers new and memorable experiences through space. Pursuing a creative solution with a multidisciplinary approach, we create spaces that stand the test of time. Our work ranges across different disciplines and for various clients. From ideation, design, to production, we put all our attention and care at every single step.

Our Philosophy The twotenses that matter most to us: the present and the future. Our mission is to create spaces that will be in people's mind, from the present to the future. Design and build spaces that stand the test of time.

The Founder
Melissa Ardani

Living her imaginations, she always comes up with deep thinking over all the work she’s done. Been diving into design industries for 7+ years has created a belief in her that there are certain connections between life and design. After finishing her study in interior design, she never stops learning and trying random other things. From casually trying new sports to any other unplanned things, you name it. To her, this kind of desire could lead to new perspectives. Instagram

Our Services

  • Design
    Covering all the design process, from a strong concept to a surreal 3D design. We’ll cater every imagination you have in mind into a timeless design presentation.
  • Production
    We help build your ideas to life. Handled by experienced hands, we can not only manifest the design, but to build it into a functional space.

Our Clients